Essay on english as a medium of instruction in pakistan

Children from the middle and lower-middle classes go to second-tier private schools which charge relatively modest fees. Throughout the nineteenth century, Afrikaners resisted government policies aimed at the spread of the English language and British values, and many educated their children at home or in the churches.

Yet a language policy for schools, inherited from the British empire, is undermining the effectiveness of state education and excluding many of the poorest from skills and training that could help them break out of poverty. During the first four decades of their existence, there is no mention of the Irish language in the programme of regulations of the Commissioners of National Education; furthermore no provision whatsoever was made in when the original scheme was drawn up for education of those children who spoke Irish only.

A case for English in Pakistan

Moreover, we can develop at all levels with the help of this language which is most precious for us in every aspect of life. Even China which was then an underdeveloped country refused to make Russian as her official language at the Lime of independence.

There is a need to continuously update the curriculum because if it goes stale, it does not equip the beneficiaries with the saleable skills and expertise. Public sector schools blindly imitate the policies of private schools and ultimately fail to come up on the expectations.

One of my suggestions is that people should have to demonstrate competence not only in English but also in Urdu and one of the other main regional languages.

Had it been uniform the working for it, further extension becomes easier and getting the intellect skimmed out of masses becomes possible. The majority of the people have been vocal for the fulfillment of their demand, but there have been eminent persons who objected to this on the grounds that higher education is impossible except through English and the English being an international language we cannot do without it.

It is impossible for us, with our limited means, to attempt to educate the body of the people. We have to find a way to bridge this gap between school and madrassa.

This is due to the low financial benefits and indifferent attitude of government towards them. English is not the medium of instruction even in developed countries like China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, etc.

Our universities have failed to produce the planners, developers, implementers, and decision makers. It has a clear cut vision and direction to support the education department.

Students should be offered more scholarships and government should support the intelligent and outstanding students to prosper, develop and serve their local community rather than migrating to the big cities. Language plays an important role in the educational, social, cultural and poltical context of our country.

Coleman says his "wish list" for education reform has been positively received inside Pakistan. Primary education plays a crucial role in the whole education system.

It also results in language barrier between them and their precious learning time which is being wasted. The argument put forward for this change in the medium of instruction was to bring public schools at par with private schools.

In our case, we do not fail to develop Urdu to cope with the intellectual needs nor do we translate the treasure of knowledge available for our national use.

In these schools, the drop out is very high because schools are not the attractive places, the curriculum is dry and the teaching does not match the live situations.

The education system we are running with is not working anymore. Primary education should be made compulsory and free it is already free of cost but not compulsory.

English-medium education

We should, therefore, take a plunge and time will do the rest.Free Essays on English Is a Medium Instruction In Pakistan. Get help with your writing. 1 through ISSUE OF MEDIUM OF INSTRUCYION IN PAKISTAN Saira Ijaz Ahmed1 ABSTRACT Medium of instruction is a controversial issue in Pakistan as it is a multilingual country and has replace English as medium of instruction, Urdu was suggested as the medium of instruction.

Nov 27,  · seniors pls chck my essay outline Essay: English as the Medium of Education in Pakist User Name: Remember Me? Password: Home; Essay: English as the Medium of Education in Pakistan They introduce English as a medium of instruction without knowing how to carry forward it.

This is corruption and barbarism and in a way attacking on the. Sep 08,  · Urdu As Medium Of Instruction Points: Introduction – Arguments against Urdu – English is a foreign language – Conclusion. Since the beginning of the British rule in India, English had been the state language and the medium of instruction from the secondary stage upward.

English as Medium of Instruction Urdu is our national is spoken and understood all over at the same time English is also taught in our schools and colleges from class one to graduate level as a compulsory the questions should we study English?

why should our students waste much of their time in learning this foreign language? why does it enjoy a. Pakistan's commitment to using Urdu as the medium of instruction in its state schools and its ambition to widen access to English language teaching are creating barriers to effective education.

Essay on english as a medium of instruction in pakistan
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