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This reinforcement provides the children with a reward for doing good and incentive to continue following the rules. The fourth is social reinforcement, which is giving positive comments and attention.

Without communication and information a small problem can quickly turn into a large problem which will be more difficult to solve. When the parents have decided to use my service I will give them a copy of my contract and ask them to take it away to read and to sign it.

The parents are the ones that know their child the best and also hold the key to all their little ways. Another great positive reinforcement for individuals is personally acknowledging the child for correct answers, good behavior, etc.

There are natural positive reinforcers, such as being a team captain, free time, or sitting next to a friend. We will write a custom essay sample on Task For individual positive reinforcement, when a student is following classroom rules a student will get a token for great behavior throughout the day.

Good communication is a vital part of the relationship between parents, children and childminders; this will make sure that the child and parents know how they are getting on and what has been happening whilst the child is in your setting.

When the entire class, reaches a certain level of attendance, the teacher could give the class a little party. The second one is edible reinforcers, such as candy, or a pizza party.

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This information could include availability and costing, I will also give a tour of my facilities and an explanation of the activities that I will provide. Competition tends to be a good motivator for kids. In the first meeting the parents will be given all the information needed to make a decision whether or not to send their child to me.

Another positive reinforcement for groups could be a party. We as childminders help the children to develop to their best potential, by involving the parents we can all work together on the same page to give the child the consistency they need to develop. Where possible the children will be involved in decision making, for example what activities they would like to do, what to eat for lunch etc providing these decisions are practicable and fall within the agreed guidelines.

Cypop 5 Task 7

Though, individual and group positive reinforcement needs to be done in different ways ,there are 4 ways in which you may give positive reinforcement. Even though, not all the students where in class as much as others, it shows the student that you can have rewards when you try and how important it is to go to school.

We will write a custom essay sample on Cypop 5 Task 6 or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on Cypop 5 Task 6. An agreement will be made between myself and the parents to provide what the child needs to develop and anything that the child is or is not allowed, e.Cypop 5 Task 6.

Task 6 Maintaining a good relationship needs a lot of information for it to work, it is essential for the parents to be involved as they are the MOST important person in the child’s life.

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Cypop 5 Task 6

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Task _ 5. ,_03,_5. 07 Part C There are many different ways to give a child or group of children positive reinforcement.

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Though, individual and group positive reinforcement needs to be done in different ways,there are 4 ways in which you may give positive reinforcement.

Task 601 5 7 02 03 5 10 07
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